Our Mission and Goals

The Coastal Virginia Chamber of Commerce (CVCC) was founded to promote the growth of small business by:

  1. Supporting an inclusive and diverse free market economic system through innovative tools and education resources dedicated for the growth of your business.
  2. Serving as a primary connector with regional movers, shakers, and policy makers.
  3. Educating you on the impacts of public policy and legislation.
  4. Helping you navigate through government bureaucracy, industry, and community hurdles with our organization resources and network.
  5. Marketing your business to be successful.



Our vision is to partner with you by promoting the return of civility to our public square, helping develop consensus through the respectful exchange of competing ideas; and to be a true advocate of small business and not be a voice for just for the business elite.



Our mission is to be your go-to resource by supporting you with our experienced team and extensive network of entrepreneurs, business owners, industry leaders, government officials, and community resources.


Who do We Serve?

The Coastal Virginia Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit (501c6 IRS designee) serving its members and the regional business community through its programs, business tools, informational resources, organization experience, and extensive network.

CVCC is a non-partisan organization designed to be pro-active, pro-business, and pro-community.

CVCC is a connector and promoter of small business interests and non-profits throughout the Coastal Virginia region.